Sunday , May 19 2024

Question on Biden's memory, calls Xi Jinping 'Russian President'

US President Joe Biden is facing criticism from critics regarding his weakening memory and increasing age. Joe Biden has made another mistake. Speaking at a White House event, Chinese President Xi Jinping described Joe Biden as the President of Russia.

Addressing the annual event of the National Governance Association at the White House, Joe Biden called Xi Jinping the President of Russia. Biden made this mistake while narrating an old anecdote. He said, 'Barack Obama wanted me to get information about Jinping, because it was clear that he (Jinping) was going to become the President of Russia, he was going to become the President of Little China. At that time our relations with Russia were bad. I traveled about 17 thousand miles with Xi in the country and China.

Biden's claim is being questioned

Joe Biden has previously discussed the 17,000-mile trip with Xi. Biden's claim was rejected in media reports. Media reports say that when Biden went to China in 2011, he stayed only for three days. The White House has also ruled out a 17,000-mile trip with Xi. Biden may have forgotten this too. He repeated it again. Biden's deteriorating memory and health concerns are currently in the news. A few days ago, Biden called Egypt Mexico. French President Emmanuel Macron called Biden a tribute to former French President François Mitterrand. Biden was once talking about the Ukraine war and at one time the Iraq war.