Saturday , April 13 2024

'Putin will definitely be punished for this', Navalny's wife accused the Russian President – ​​News India Live

Alexei Navalny, considered a staunch opponent of Russian President Putin, died in jail yesterday. The news of his death made headlines all over the world. Now Navalny's wife Yulia Navalnaya has given a statement saying that if the news of Navalny's death is true then Putin and his associates will be punished. Navalny's wife Navalnya, speaking in person during the Munich Security Conference, said that the news of Navalny's death is coming only from Russian government sources, so they cannot be completely trusted as they have done similar things many times before. Have lied.

Putin will have to answer

Yulia Navalnya said that we do not trust Putin and his government. They always lie, but if it is true, then Putin and his government, his friends will have to answer for what happened to your country, family and my husband and that day will come soon. Navalny's wife has appealed to the entire international community to unite against the 'evil government' of Russia.

Who was Alexey Navalny?

Alexei Navalny was a Russian politician and face of the opposition. Naval has been one of President Putin's staunchest opponents in Russia for the past decade. He remained in jail for a long time. Last year, Navalny was transferred to the Arctic Circle prison, one of the strictest prisons in Russia. The jail department said that during the beating in the jail on Friday, Navali's health deteriorated and he immediately became unconscious. The medical team tried to revive him, but they could not succeed.

Poison was given in 2020 also

Navalny was demanding the greatest transparency in Russian politics. He also ran for mayor of Moscow in 2013 and finished second. In August 2020, an attempt was made to poison Navalny, in which he narrowly escaped.