Friday , June 14 2024

Putin gave a wonderful gift to Kim Jong, America's concern will increase – News India Live

Russia and North Korea relations: Since the meeting of Kim and Putin in September, relations between the two countries have become even closer. Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a special gift to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He has gifted Kim a Russian car for his personal use. Both countries have become victims of international isolation due to the Ukraine war and North Korea's nuclear program. Since both countries are facing UN sanctions, the gift may be in violation of UN rules. Rapprochement between North Korea and Russia may be a cause for concern for America.

Putin's own gift

When Kim Jong Un visited Russia in September, Putin took Kim around in his personal car 'Auras Limousine'. Also, Kim liked this car very much. That's why Putin has gifted a car like his

The price of this car is equal to the price of Rolls Royce

Putin has gifted a car of Auris Motor Company to Kim. Whose starting price is Rs 1,000. Starting from Rs 4 crore. Which is equal to the price of a Rolls Royce. Auris cars are mostly used by Russian officials. This car went to Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong.

Kim is fond of cars

Kim is said to be fond of cars. He has a collection of many foreign luxury cars. According to experts, these cars are smuggled from abroad for Kim. There is no mention of which model car Kim gifted to Putin or how it was sent from Russia.