Thursday , June 20 2024

Polling parties leave for booths from Smriti Upvan in Lucknow

Lucknow, May 19 (Hindustan Reporter) After receiving the voting material from Smriti Upvan in Lucknow, the polling parties proceeded towards their booths. For the convenience of the polling parties, information boards and layout plans were installed in Smriti Upvan, seeing which the polling parties found it easier to reach their destination.

All women and all youth polling parties of Lucknow showed enthusiasm. While leaving for their booths, they also got themselves photographed in the group. Before leaving, the polling parties tallied the voting material at Smriti Upvan, in which District Election Officer Suryapal Gangwar was also involved. The District Election Officer got each voting material tallied.

In Smriti Upvan, various arrangements like food court, sherbet, ORS, soft drinking water, coolers were made by the Election Commission for the polling parties and election personnel. Still, the polling parties, which were collecting voting material, became restless due to the heat raining from the sky and the heat of the ground.