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Police Recruitment Exam: Entry will be given after biometric verification, monitoring will be done through CCTV

Lucknow, 16 February (HS). Yogi government has made a foolproof plan to conduct the biggest UP police recruitment examination in the state so far safely. Reserve Civil Police Direct Recruitment examination will be held in two shifts on Saturday and Sunday. Strict security arrangements have been made for this. Static Magistrate has been deployed at every examination centre, while according to the number of candidates in the centre, Deputy Superintendent of Police to Sub Inspector will be present as center supervisors.

The entire examination process will be closely monitored through CCTV cameras. Also, after biometric verification of all the candidates, they will be given entry in the examination center. It is known that to further strengthen the police force, the Yogi government is recruiting 60,244 police constable posts, the examinations for which are being conducted on 17 and 18 February at 2385 centers in all 75 districts of the state.

Administrative and police officers will be deployed

Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board (UPPRPB) Chairperson DG Renuka Mishra said that as per the intention of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, various administrative and police officers and employees have been deployed for the examination. At the district level, the District Magistrate will act as the District Supervisor (Magistrate). Other administrative arrangements including appointment of examination center duty, sector magistrate, static magistrate have been made by him. Under this, the District Magistrate has deployed Assistant Center Supervisor along with Static Magistrate at every centre.

Apart from this, Additional District Magistrate has been appointed as Assistant Nodal Officer (Administration) while a Sector Magistrate has also been deployed at three examination centres. Not only this, the flying squad will also be ready to conduct the examination without cheating. At the same time, Deputy Superintendent of Police to Sub Inspector will be present as center observers. Deputy Superintendents of Police will be deployed in the centers of the state where there are more than one thousand candidates. Inspectors have been appointed at centers with up to one thousand candidates and sub-inspectors have been appointed at centers with up to five hundred candidates.

He said that to ensure the sanctity of the examination, 50 percent of the personnel appointed at the examination center have been appointed by the District Magistrate and the remaining 50 percent have been appointed by the center administrator (Principal). In these, the first and second examination assistants will be appointed by the District Magistrate and the center administrator, while one invigilator will be deployed for every 12 candidates. Along with this, assistant inspector will also be deployed.

Jammers will be installed to deactivate mobile and Bluetooth

Renuka Mishra said that to make the examination transparent, technology will be used to ensure that the right candidates are given admission. For this, proper arrangements have been made for checking, frisking and supervision of the candidates at the examination centre. Candidates will be admitted to the center only after physical frisking, frisking by HHMD, biometric finger print and facial recognition. At the same time, arrangements have also been made to capture FRIS in case of facial recognition. In case of doubt in facial recognition, Aadhaar authentication of the candidate will be done. Apart from this, jammers will be installed at all the centers to disable electronic devices like mobile, Bluetooth. Surveillance is being done by installing CCTV in the examination hall and centre, whose live feed will be received in the control room of the centre, the control room of the district and the control room of the recruitment board headquarters.

More than six lakh candidates from other states had applied

He said that a total of 48,17,441 candidates had applied for the examination, which includes 15,48,969 women candidates. On Saturday, 12,04,360 candidates will appear for the examination in both the first and second shifts at the centres, while on Sunday, 12,04,361 candidates will appear for the first shift and 12,04,360 candidates will appear for the second shift. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, more than six lakh candidates have applied for this examination from other states, including 2,67,305 candidates from Bihar, 74,769 candidates from Haryana, 17,112 candidates from Jharkhand, 98,400 candidates from Madhya Pradesh, 42,259 candidates from Delhi, Rajasthan 97,277 candidates from Uttar Pradesh, 14,627 candidates from Uttarakhand, 5,512 candidates from West Bengal, 3,151 candidates from Maharashtra and 3,404 candidates from Punjab are included.