Wednesday , July 24 2024

PM Modi's Austria visit: 'This is not the time for war', after Russia, now PM Modi gave a message of peace to Austria, said- death of innocents is not acceptable

PM Modi's visit to Austria: PM Narendra Modi, who arrived in Austria after his visit to Russia, has once again raised the issue of ending the horrors of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Modi has reiterated that this is not the time for war. Also, for the second consecutive day, the issue of the death of Ukrainian children who died in the recent Russian attack on a children's hospital in Kiev was also raised.

Speaking at a joint press conference after bilateral talks with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Modi said that the loss of lives of innocent children is unacceptable. In the last three days, the Indian PM has raised the issue of children's death thrice. The PM will return to India on Thursday morning. The situation in Vienna in which PM Modi gave the message of peace to Russia is very historic.

This is not the time for war: PM Modi
Modi said, 'The historic Congress of Vienna was held here in the 19th century. That conference guided peace and stability in Europe. Chancellor Nehammer and I have talked in detail about all the conflicts going on in the world, whether it is the conflict in Ukraine or the situation in West Asia. I have said earlier also that this is not the time for war. Problems cannot be solved on the battlefield.

The PM said, 'Loss of innocent lives is not acceptable, wherever it may be. India and Austria emphasize on dialogue and diplomacy for the early restoration of peace and stability. For this, both of us are ready to provide all possible cooperation.' At the same conference, Austrian Chancellor Nehammer said that India is an influential country and has its own credibility, which can play an important role in the Ukraine-Russia peace process.

Prime Minister Modi's message for the third consecutive day
The Indian Prime Minister has given this message to his special strategic partner Russian President Vladimir Putin for the third consecutive day, while the US has also accepted that Modi can use his influence to stop the Ukraine-Russia war. On Tuesday, the US President's White House, the Foreign Ministry and the Pentagon all commented on PM Modi's visit to Russia at different times.

America's keen eye
This shows how closely America is monitoring Modi's visit. Pentagon press secretary Major General Pat Ryder said that India is our strategic partner country. We have always been clear about their relations with Russia. He expressed hope that India can help bring lasting peace in Ukraine. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in another press conference that we are constantly discussing with India our concerns about India's relations with Russia.

Here, White House spokesman Kerry Jean-Pierre said that India has the ability to talk to Putin to prevent war. In a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Samarkand in September 2022, the Indian Prime Minister said for the first time that this is not the time for war. This statement of Modi regarding the Ukraine-Russia war was quoted by almost every major leader of the world. It was also mentioned in the declaration issued after the 2022 G-20 summit.

Message of peace from Russian soil too
A day earlier, during the annual summit talks with President Putin, Modi had told him that when innocent children die, it is heart-breaking and the pain is terrible. Peace is very important for the future of future generations. I also know that solutions are not possible on the battlefield. We have to adopt the path of peace through dialogue.