Wednesday , July 24 2024

Plan to surround BJP from North to South, Rahul-Priyanka duo will now do this big task

Rahul Gandhi-Priyanka Gandhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is continuously strengthening the political ground for the party across the country. Sometimes he is visiting Manipur and sometimes Hathras. Sometimes he is meeting flood victims in Assam and sometimes he is meeting patients in Rae Bareli. Rae Bareli is the only seat that Rahul Gandhi has chosen after leaving his won Wayanad seat. Rahul Gandhi has visited Rae Bareli twice before. This is Rahul Gandhi's third visit to UP.

Now it seems that Rahul Gandhi has taken the responsibility of reviving the Congress in UP. Earlier the responsibility of UP was on Priyanka but now she has been given the responsibility of contesting from Wayanad. This means that one has the North and the other has the South. The brother-sister duo of Congress has increased the trouble for BJP, because if Priyanka wins from Wayanad then the party will surround BJP from both ends of the country. Let us know what is the plan of Congress now.

Rahul Gandhi is strengthening the Congress in UP

Rahul Gandhi recently visited Rae Bareli. Where he reached AIIMS and enquired about the condition of the patients. He also played Ludo with a 10-year-old girl in the Neurology department. Regarding Rahul's UP tour, it is being said that he is now trying to give the message that he is very serious about this state. Such visits of Rahul will strengthen the party in UP. This is the reason why Rahul left Wayanad and chose Rae Bareli as his parliamentary seat.

However, the real litmus test for Rahul Gandhi is the by-elections to be held on 10 assembly seats in UP. This will show how strong the party has become here after Rahul Gandhi became an MP from UP. However, no one can deny that Priyanka Gandhi has worked to strengthen the Congress in UP. She campaigned for 9 days in Rae Bareli and 7 days in Amethi.

Planning underway for Wayanad

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will now contest elections from Wayanad and will also enter politics. Congress has made every effort to win the Wayanad seat. Congress is expected to win easily from here. Congress leaders are meeting people and conveying their views to them. Priyanka Gandhi had said that she will not let the people of Wayanad suffer the loss of Rahul. Now the election results will tell how much this message has reached the public.

Priyanka Gandhi is going to contest elections for the first time. For the first time in 15 years, Congress feels that its position can improve in UP. If Priyanka wins from Wayanad, members of the Gandhi family will be seen in the Lok Sabha from northern and southern states. Sonia Gandhi is already in the Rajya Sabha. Rahul Gandhi from the north, Priyanka Gandhi from the south and Sonia Gandhi from the west can be seen representing the Congress.

Now the question arises whether the brother-sister duo will be seen strengthening the Congress in Parliament or not. On June 17, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge announced in a press conference that Rahul Gandhi will retain the Rae Bareli seat while Priyanka Gandhi will contest from Wayanad. It will be known only after the Wayanad elections whether this duo will perform well or not.