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Pimpri-chinchwad cirme: Alcohol drinkers are desperate to say obscene words to their wives; pushed a friend off a bridge

Pimpri-Chinchwad Sirme: Enraged by his wife’s abusive language while drinking alcohol, a man pushed his friend to death from Nashik Phata Bridge. This incident has come to light after six months.

Pune: The shocking incident of a drunken friend in Pune being pushed to death from a bridge in Nashik Phata for saying obscene words about his wife has come to light after almost six months. Wakad police has arrested two accused in this case.

The name of the killed person is Dinesh Dashrath Kamble. The names of the arrested accused are Siddhant Ratan Pachpinde, Prateek Ramesh Sarvade. Dinesh was missing for the last six months. His mother had lodged a missing complaint at Wakad police station. When the police investigated, the murder was revealed.

According to the police, Dinesh Dashrath Kamble was reported missing for the last six months by his mother Maya Dashrath Kamble at Wakad Police Station. Dinesh always does not come home for several days after leaving home. This time he stole his father’s gold chain and left. Because of this the family was angry with him. When he comes home, he brings back the gold chain, so he leaves the house, but he never comes home. As always, his family was hopeful that he would return. However, when he did not come home, the mother went to Wakad police and lodged a complaint. Under this, the police started investigating him. The police started investigation and interrogated his friend. Meanwhile, the police got information that on March 15, Dinesh Kamble was drinking alcohol on the ground in Kalewadi with accused friends Siddhant and Prateek.

During this time, Dinesh, while drunk, used abusive language about Prateek Sarvade’s wife. Angered by this, Prateek injured Dinesh by throwing a stone on his head. After this, both of them took Dinesh on a two-wheeler to the bridge at Nashik Phata on the old Pune-Mumbai Highway and threw him down on the old Pune-Mumbai Highway. Due to this Dinesh died on the spot. His body got mutilated as several vehicles ran over him. When the police showed the police cards to both of them, they both confessed to the crime. This demonstration has been done by the team of Senior Police Inspector Ganesh Jawadwad.

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