Monday , May 20 2024

PhonePe launches Indus App Store, will India's App Store compete with Google Play Store

On February 21, Walmart-owned company PhonePe launched its app store named “Indus App Bazaar”. This Android app store made in India aims to directly compete with Google Play Store.

Will Google Play Store shut down?

It is noteworthy that in September 2023, the company had invited businesses to publish their apps on this platform. Although most of the Android users in India depend on Google Play Store to download any app, they now have an additional option. People can now download Android apps through Indus App Market.

The company has taken an important step in the Indian app market by launching Indus App Bazaar. Intelligence firm According to India data, people in India spent 1.19 trillion hours on mobile apps in 2023, while the figure stood at 954 billion hours in 2021. This shows how much time Indian smartphone users spend on apps and how fast this amount is increasing. In such a situation, launching this app store by Walmart can prove to be a very profitable business for them.

Features of Indus App Market

During the launch, the company claimed that Indus App Bazaar has around 200,000 mobile apps and games across 45 different categories. The app supports users in 12 languages, including Hindi and English, apart from several regional languages.

In September, when the company had given information about this app for the first time, it had said that developers can register their apps on this platform for free. PhonePe co-founder Sameer Nigam stressed that developers can use any payment gateway on their platform. The company also promised 24/7 customer support via email and chatbot on Indus App Bazaar.

Walmart's move to launch Indus App Marketplace reflects its strategic role in the thriving app market in India. With a large number of Android users in the country, the Indus app market could potentially create competition for established app stores like Google Play Store.