Wednesday , July 17 2024

Performing Jalabhishek of Shivling gives excellent results, just mix these things in water

New Delhi: Shivlinga Puja Rules: In Sanatan Dharma, Lord Shiva is known by many names like Mahadev, Bholenath, Shiv Shankar etc. By worshiping Lord Shiva daily, his blessings remain on the devotee, but Monday is considered completely dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. According to religious beliefs, worshiping Lord Shiva removes all the troubles of the devotees. In such a situation, you can offer these things to Shivalinga to get rid of debt or other problems in life.

If you are not able to get rid of debt despite hard work, then go to the temple every Monday and offer water to Shivalinga. Along with this, you can also mix rice in water and offer it to Shivalinga. By doing this you can get freedom from debt and there is also a possibility of financial gain.

According to religious beliefs, a person who offers water to Shivalinga daily for a month can overcome any obstacle in his life. But it is beneficial only when you worship Lord Shiva with a true heart.

If a devotee mixes barley in water and offers it to Shivalinga, he can get many benefits in life. It is believed that doing this remedy increases happiness and prosperity. Along with this, if a person anoints Shivalinga by mixing black sesame seeds in water, then all kinds of problems in his life can be removed.