Saturday , July 13 2024

People who consume milk and banana to build their body should be careful! This combination can worsen your condition

New Delhi: Banana milkshakes and other dishes are made by mixing milk and banana. Health experts say that milk and banana are individually nutritious but taking them together is not a good combination. Many doctors have also advised to stay away from banana shakes. Milk is a treasure trove of protein, vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, vitamin B-12. 100 grams of milk contains about 42 calories. But milk does not contain vitamin C, dietary fiber and is also low in carbohydrates. But milk is the best source of protein for vegetarians.

Bananas contain many vitamins and nutrients. Rich in fiber, bananas are not only full of energy but also protect the body from many diseases. Milk provides calcium and vitamin D to the body. But what other nutrition does the body get by taking milk and banana together? Especially to gain weight, people always recommend eating milk and banana.

At the same time, bananas are rich in vitamins like vitamin B-6, magnesium, vitamin-C, dietary fiber, potassium and biotin. 100 grams of banana contains 89 calories. After eating banana, the stomach feels full and the lost energy returns. This fruit rich in carbohydrates is considered a good pre-workout and post-workout snack. Many people consider the mixture of milk and banana to be ideal. Because banana contains such nutrients which are not in milk and milk contains such nutrients which are not in banana. But this does not happen when both go together in the body.

According to a research, eating banana and milk together can affect the digestive system as well as sinus. Sinus causes problems like cold, cough and other allergies. Most people believe that eating milk and banana together can cause many stomach related problems. Taking both together for a long time can also cause problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

According to Ayurveda, mixing fruits and liquids should always be avoided. Bananas and milk promote toxicity in the body and affect other processes in the body. According to Ayurveda, taking banana and milk together increases body weight and weakens the mind.

If you have to eat milk and banana, then you should eat them separately. Instead of snacks before and after workout, banana should be eaten 20 minutes after drinking milk.