People remove masks while eating at weddings, Pakistan wants to ban food only

Due to the spurt in Kovid-19 cases, the Government of Pakistan is contemplating to re-impose the corona virus ban, especially on weddings. Geo News has given this information in one of its reports.

Super-spreaders called weddings

According to the news of the agency, while talking to Geo News, Parliamentary Secretary on Health Affairs Nausheen Hamid termed the weddings as the super-spreader of Kovid cases.

There may be a ban on eating at weddings

Hamid said, we are considering a complete ban on eating at weddings, because this is the peak time when people remove their masks to eat food.

Decisions to be taken in no time

Hamid further said that the matter will be discussed in the upcoming National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) meeting to be held in a day or two. The report said that the NCOC will issue a clear policy, highlighting restrictions on the venue, number of guests at the wedding, etc.

Lockdown only in areas where necessary

Highlighting other measures, the PTI leader said that the main focus of the government is to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed, therefore, officials are trying to ensure that all public places have vaccination proofs. Be sure to check the letter (certificate). He further said, we are going to re-follow the strategy implemented earlier regarding smart lockdown. The lockdown will be imposed only in those areas where it is necessary.