People paying huge amount for the party with Corona infected, the reason is very shocking

Rome: To deal with the re-increasing cases of Coronavirus, where restrictions are being imposed, the pace of vaccination is being increased. At the same time, a trend going on in Italy has surprised everyone. Here people are allegedly giving money to sit with the corona infected, to eat food and drink alcohol. Parties are being organized for this. Let us tell you that after the appearance of the Omicron variant, the corona infection has started spreading rapidly.

That’s why Pox Parties are happening

According to the news of ‘Daily Mail’, people in Italy are paying 110 pounds (about 11 thousand rupees) to have dinner and drink with Corona victims. Such parties have been named ‘pox’ party. Actually, this whole exercise is to avoid vaccine. People believe that by making themselves corona positive, they will be saved from getting the vaccine. According to Italy’s latest vaccine rule, it has been made mandatory for anyone over the age of 50 to get the vaccine by February 1.

no fear of fine

Those who do not get vaccination in Italy may also have to pay a large amount in the form of fines. Apart from this, they may also have to lose their jobs. But despite this, people are not ready to get vaccinated and want to get infected by corona themselves to avoid it. It has been told in the report that recently a similar party with Kovid infected has been revealed, which was organized in Tuscany.

Searching on social media too

A Kovid positive person was involved in this party. To be a part of the party, people had to pay an amount of 110 pounds. The situation is that people are searching for corona infected on social media. An anti-vaccine person wrote on social media, ‘I am looking for a positive person and I am ready to pay for it. Infectious disease expert Pier Luigi Lopalco said that such Kovid parties are against the law and those involved should be arrested.