Peanut pudding was made at home, heart attack came after eating it; died in hospital

Death from Peanut Dessert: We all eat peanuts. There is a way of eating peanuts in winters. It is also considered very nutritious. But peanuts became fatal for a 31-year-old woman living in Newcastle. This woman ate peanut pudding, due to which the woman died of heart attack.

The woman had eaten peanut pudding

According to the news of Daily Mail, a woman named Hannah Scigala was allergic to peanuts. Even after this, the woman had made peanut pudding and she had a heart attack as soon as she ate the pudding. The incident happened on January 4. According to the report, the woman had dinner with her three children at around 9.30 pm. After this she started eating peanut pudding made by herself.

It is said that the woman’s health suddenly deteriorated after eating the pudding and she was immediately taken to a hospital in the hospital. According to the report, the woman had a heart attack after eating pudding. After that he was admitted to the hospital. Where the woman died two days later. Doctors told that the woman had suffered a heart attack, due to which she died.

woman had heart attack

Doctors told that after being brought to the hospital, there was no activity from the woman’s brain. The woman was kept on the life support system for two days, although in the end the doctors gave up and the life support system was stopped. The woman’s sister told the Daily Mail that she could not believe that her sister died after eating peanut pudding.

Sister told that Hannah was allergic to peanuts. Even after this, I do not understand why he made peanut pudding? Please tell that the deceased woman has left behind three children. After separating from her husband, she single-handedly raised her children. At present, all three children now live with their maternal grandparents.