Wednesday , July 24 2024

Passport Ranking List 2024: One country in the list of most powerful passports in the world in 2024; Check out the most powerful passport list

Passport Ranking List: The Henley Passport Index 2024 list, ranking the world's most powerful passports, has been released. India's passport is at 80th place in this list. Indian passport holders can travel to 62 countries without visa. Along with India, Uzbekistan is also at 80th position. At the same time, Pakistan is at 101st place in the list of most powerful passports.

Like last time, this time too Singapore and Japan are at first place in the Henley Passport Index. The passports of these two countries have remained the most powerful passports in the Henley Index for the last five years.

But this year there has been a slight change in this index and four other European countries along with Singapore and Japan have come to the top position. Passport holders from France, Germany, Italy and Spain can enter visa-free into 194 of the 227 destinations, such as Singapore and Japan. Along with the US, South Korea, Sweden and Finland are ranked second in the Henley Passport Index. Passport holders of these countries can visit 193 destinations.

According to Bloomberg report, Austria, Denmark, Ireland and Netherlands are jointly in third place. Passport holders of these countries can travel to 192 countries.

In this list, Gulf country United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made the most progress. The UAE was ranked 14th in the Henley Index last year but this year its passport has become the 11th most powerful passport. UAE passport holders can travel to 182 destinations without a visa.

This year, China has moved ahead by two places and now its ranking has become 62. Chinese passport holders can enter visa-free to 85 destinations, almost double from the previous 10 years.

Dr. Christian Kellin, president of immigration consultancy Henley & Partners, said that in the last few years we have seen the trend of countries moving towards making travel more and more independent. But the gap between the passports of the most powerful and least powerful countries is also widening.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Passports 2024

1. France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain (194 destinations)

2. Finland, South Korea, Sweden (193 destinations)

3. Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands (192 destinations)

4. Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom (193 destinations)

5. Greece, Malta, Switzerland (190 destinations)

6. Czech Republic, New Zealand, Poland (189 destinations)

7. Canada, Hungary, United States (188 destinations)

8.Estonia, Lithuania (187 destinations)

9. Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia (186 destinations)

10. Iceland (185 destinations)

UAE tops Artan Capital Passport Ranking

At the beginning of the new year, citizen-owned financial advisory firm Arton Capital released the Passport Index for the first quarter of 2024. UAE passport has been ranked as the most powerful passport in this index. The passport had a mobility score of 180, meaning that passport holders could move freely to 180 countries.

India's ranking in this index has been fixed at 66th. The mobility score of the Indian passport is 77. In this list, Pakistan is in the category of countries with least powerful passport with a mobility score of 47.