Wednesday , July 17 2024

Parents, pay attention to these things to protect your daughter from early menopause

In recent years girls are getting menstruation at a very young age, they are getting menstruation at the age of 8-9 years, if menstrual cycle starts at such a young age, then children should know about it. We don't even know the reason for this is the parents. Under a lot of stress.

Due to today's lifestyle and eating habits, children are getting early menopause at the age of 8 years, but changing pads has also become difficult for that child, earlier girls used to get menopause at the age of 14-16 years.

Some parents were worried that alas, my daughter is 16 years old and is still not mature (menstruation is not coming), but now parents are crying that our daughter is 8 years old.

Early menstruation is not good for children, there is a risk of premenopause if there is early menstruation, so it is good to have menstruation after 12 years.

To protect their daughter from early menopause, parents should pay attention to these 5 things:

1. Children should be exposed to sunlight for 1 hour every day.

Your children should get at least an hour of morning sunlight every day so that they can get the vitamin D they need. At this time, you should come out of the house and play with the children and encourage them to go out and play without giving them mobile phones or making them sit in front of the TV. Encourage them to play outside instead of inside the house during the holidays.

2. Do not apply cosmetics to children

It's not a good idea to put cosmetics on children, it's not good for their skin, and studies have shown that cosmetics are linked to early menopause, so don't use cosmetics on children. Also, giving cosmetics to children is also not good for their skin health.

3. Reduce non-veg intake

Do not give non-veg to children daily, it is good to eat non-veg twice a week, eating non-veg daily can lead to early menstruation, hence give more vegetables and fruits, eat less non-veg. Fish is good, give them farm chicken instead of farm chicken, give eggs also in limit, do not give too much junk food, hence pay attention to their diet.

4. Physical activity is very important

Physical activity is very important for children. Therefore, involve children in dance, sports, yoga, karate, so that they remain physically fit, 2 hours of physical exercise daily is necessary. As you also play games with them, they remain happy and parents can focus on fitness.

5. Do not give too much milk

Some people give too much milk to children, do not do this, give children one or two glasses of milk a day, giving too much milk causes hormonal changes in children and their menstruation occurs early.