Saturday , April 13 2024

Panchayat representatives of Orissa saw the development model of Palia Lohani village

Ayodhya, 15 January (HS). A 17-member team of Panchayat representatives and officials from Orissa state reached Haringtonganj block of Ayodhya and conducted a field visit to follow and evaluate the ongoing development works in Gram Panchayat Palia Lohani, which received the award for the best Panchayat.

Under the leadership of village head Abhishek Singh, the villagers welcomed the team that came to the village on Thursday by applying sandalwood, wearing garlands and Ramnami in the composite school. After this, a welcome song was presented by the school children. Gram Panchayat model has been developed in the form of Gram Panchayat. Where proper arrangements have been made for solid and liquid waste management. The operation of the RRC Center was also overseen by the team. In which the work of separation and door-to-door collection is being done by self-help groups.

After this, the Aero Space Lab built in the school was also inspected by the team members. Which was seen and learned by the members as an innovation. The technical information about the drains built under liquid waste management in the Gram Panchayat, the silt catchers built on them and the filter chambers built at the end of the drains was also discussed in detail.

A detailed observation of the cleanliness and working system in the Panchayat Park, Village Secretariat, ANM Centre, Anganwadi etc. built in the Gram Panchayat was done by the team members. In this team, Block Chief of Odisha Anasuya Malik, Anjali Das, Sunita Behera, Subalakshmi Manjhi, BC Vipasa Patra, Manas Jena, Rajendra Raut, Babaji Charan Malik, Vishwanath Mishra, Sarpanch Madhabilata Bariha, Premsheela, Pranati Jena, Manjulata Acharya, Zilla Parishad Member Shiva Prasad Das Nodal Officer Orissa State-Braj Kishore Panda was included.

In the open field inspection, mainly government nominated nodal officer Manish Mishra, District Coordinator, Panchayat Raj Officer, Village Head Abhishek Singh, BDC Durga Prasad, Panchayat members Durgesh Kumar, Laxman, Pradeep, Sarita, Village Secretary, Anganwadi, Asha, Employment. Servants, sweepers, members of self-help groups and villagers are present.