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Pakistan’s Simran wants Indian citizenship; Told about the abuse of girls

Many cases of atrocities on minority Hindu families are coming to light in Pakistan. On 27 September 2013, Pakistani Simran came to India (Aligarh in UP) from Pakistan with her aunt Barji Bai. She has since been living with her grandparents on a long-term visa. He has applied to Aligarh DM to get Indian citizenship. Simran is a medical student. The girl named Simran had come with her grandfather to meet Aligarh DM Inder Vikram Singh. Simran told the District Magistrate that she had come to India from Pakistan with her aunt Barji Bai on 27 September 2013. She has been living in her grandparents’ house in Aligarh on a visa for the last ten years. Simran told the DM that she is doing BDS from Aligarh Muslim University. She wants Indian citizenship. The girl said that she had also applied for Indian citizenship in 2019. DM Indra Vikram Singh listened to everything Simran said. Simran was asked to write her name in Urdu on a piece of paper. In this regard, DM says that Pakistani citizens living in the city have applied for citizenship. A decision in this regard has to be taken at the state and central level. Based on the instructions of the government, after investigation and disposal of the objections, a detailed report is being sent with revised information and recommendations for granting Indian citizenship. A decision on the Indian citizenship of Simran and her aunt Barji Bai is likely to be taken soon. Simran said her parents, two brothers and grandmother live in Jafrabad in Pakistan’s Sindh province. They also want to come to India. Hindu sisters and daughters are facing oppression and anarchy in Pakistan. She was so scared by these incidents that she came straight from Pakistan to her grandfather in Aligarh. There is a difference in climate between India and Pakistan. Simran’s grandfather Ramesh Lal said that being a Pakistani citizen, he and his family were living in Aligarh on LTV i.e. Long Term Visa. Ramesh Lal said he had applied for citizenship in 2015 for his wife Lajwanti, son Kailash and daughter Pooja. One of his sons, Haresh Lal, currently lives in Balochistan, while his other son, Shankar Lal, and daughter-in-law Barji Bai came to Aligarh in 2013. He has also applied for citizenship.

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