Tuesday , July 23 2024

Pakistan: Underworld don Amir Balaz killed in indiscriminate firing at wedding ceremony

Pakistan Lahore Underworld Don: Underworld don Amir Balaz Tipu has been murdered in Lahore, Pakistan. Balazs had gone to attend a wedding ceremony when he was attacked. Meanwhile, the attacker shot three people including Balazs. In 2010, the underworld don's father was also shot dead. Balaz's grandfather was also an underworld don of Lahore.

The attacker was killed in retaliation

According to Pakistani media, an attacker opened fire on Balazs and two others during a wedding ceremony in Chung area of ​​Lahore. The attacker was killed on the spot in retaliation by the people protecting Balz. However, efforts are still being made to identify the attacker.

Who was Ameer Balazs Tipu?

Amir Balaz Tipu was the underworld of Lahore. It has dominated Lahore for three generations. Balazs was running a transportation business. Amir Balaz Tipu's father Arif Amir alias Tipu Truckanwala was also killed in the attack on Allama Iqbal Airport in 2010. After the murder of Balazs, there is an atmosphere of tension in the entire area. Police have cordoned off the entire area and are investigating.