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Pakistan opened fire to save terrorists in Uri

Nefarious activities of neighboring country Pakistan continue. Pakistan engaged in protecting terrorists in Uri! Indian Army sources have said that the firing was done by the Army. Indian soldiers killed 3 terrorists trying to enter India early in the morning in Hathlanga area on LoC in Uri, Baramulla. PMS Dhillon, brigade commander in Pir Panjal, said the operation began at 6 am on Saturday and continued for 8 hours. Search operation has been started in this area by the security forces. Dhillon said that bodies of two terrorists were found and the body of the third was lying near the border and the security personnel had to return as Pakistan fired from their post while going to collect it. Cutting. The army helped the terrorists and provided cover fire. One AK-47, 7 magazines, Chinese pistol, grenade, Pak were recovered from the encounter site. Currency and five kg IED were seized. Apart from this, in December 2022 also, a huge quantity of weapons were seized from a cave here. This is the third encounter between security forces in the last 6 days. On 12th, 2 terrorists were killed in Rajouri. When 1 soldier was martyred.

40 terrorists were killed in Kashmir this year

So far this year, 40 terrorists have been killed in Kashmir. This is the biggest attack in Anantnag in the last 3 years. In which two officers and two soldiers have been martyred.

Fifth day of encounter in Anantnag

Encounter continued in Anantnag for the fifth consecutive day. A large-scale search operation has been conducted here to find the terrorists hiding in the cave. 1 terrorist was killed in the encounter. Bombing and firing is being done by army soldiers with drones and rocket launchers. Terrorists can be eliminated here at any time. Security forces are finding it difficult to carry out the operation as the area is densely forested and with high hills and the weather is adverse. The help of helicopter is being taken to find the hidden terrorist. After searching the area with a drone, a terrorist was found running away. The terrorists are hiding in a cave on the hilltop, with only a narrow path to reach. Since terrorists are at height, they can easily see the activity of security forces and attack. Due to this, the operation to kill terrorists has been going on for 90 hours.

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