Tuesday , June 18 2024

Pakistan News: Farzana, an Indian woman living in Pakistan, made such a request to Shahbaz, know

A shocking news has come out from Pakistan, where a Pakistani husband is waiting for his Indian wife's visa to expire. An Indian woman has alleged that her husband has married a Pakistani girl, now the lives of her two children are in danger. The woman has appealed to the Pakistani court to provide security.

Actually, Farzana Begum, a resident of Mumbai, India, married Pakistani citizen Mirza Mubeen Ilahi in Abu Dhabi in 2015. Both of them came to Pakistan in 2018. He has two sons aged seven and six. Farzana Begum's name once came into limelight when she raised the issue of custody of her sons and naming some properties in her sons' name. Now Farzana Begum is fighting a legal battle in Pakistan for the safety of her children. Farzana has now refused to return to India saying that her children's lives are in danger in Pakistan.

property dispute cases

Farzana has denied her husband's claim that he has divorced Farzana. Farzana says that if Mirza Mubeen Ilahi has divorced her then she should present the certificate. Farzana said, “Due to the property dispute in Pakistan, my life and that of my children are in danger, I am confined to my house in Rehman Garden, Lahore, my children are hungry.” Farzana has refused to return to India and has sought protection from the Pakistan government until the matter is resolved. Farzana said that some properties in Lahore were in the name of her sons and their passports were in the possession of their husbands.

Begum of Farza did not return to India without her sons

Farzana Begum said that her husband already had a wife and children in Pakistan. Farzana alleges that her husband is pressurizing and threatening her to return to India to take possession of the property. Farzana's lawyer said that Mirza Mubeen Ilahi is spreading false rumors that Farzana's visa has expired. Farzana said that she would not return to India without her sons. Farzana said that her husband is delaying every process so that his visa expires and Farzana herself has to return to India.