The effect of bad political relations between India and Pakistan is visible on cricket. Both the boards have come face to face several times regarding the Asia Cup 2023 and no decision has been taken yet regarding the hosting of the tournament. In such a situation, there is doubt on Pakistan’s playing in the ODI World Cup to be held in India this year. According to media reports, the Pakistan Cricket Board has not yet given any written assurance to the ICC about playing in the ODI World Cup. After this, speculations are being made that the Pakistan team may be out of the World Cup.

India goes to Pakistan or Pakistan comes to India, it depends on the governments of both the countries. Only after getting permission from the government, the boards of both the countries can decide whether to play at each other’s place or not. For this reason, the Pakistan Cricket Board has not yet been able to take a decision regarding playing the World Cup in India. Pakistan is likely to play India in Ahmedabad and most of its matches are likely to be played in South Indian cities such as Bangalore and Chennai.

An ICC board member aware of the development said on Wednesday that the Pakistan government will give its approval, just like the BCCI, it can come to the PCB only after the government’s approval.

Asia Cup can be held in Sri Lanka

ACC Asia Cup 2023 is all set to be shifted to Sri Lanka. Most ACC member countries have decided to reject the idea of ​​a ‘hybrid model’. As per the proposal of PCB chairman Najam Sethi, Pakistan will play all its matches in Pakistan while India will play its matches in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. However, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have expressed disagreement on this proposal. Both countries say that if their teams make it to the Super Four, they will have to travel constantly between Pakistan and the UAE. It will be very tiring for their players. Along with this, there will be a lot of trouble in bringing and carrying goods again and again and the cost will also increase.

A source close to the ACC confirmed that Pakistan would not participate if the tournament is shifted to Sri Lanka. Sethi tried to convince the members that a ‘hybrid model’ might be more commercially viable, but it would be extremely difficult for cricketers from other countries to travel between Pakistan and the UAE every other day.

An ACC source said that ACC will request Pakistan to retain its hosting rights but if they do not agree then the tournament will be between five teams.