Monday , September 25 2023
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Pakistan betrayed Russia: sold weapons to Ukraine in exchange for loan

Islamabad: Pakistan has been revealed to have made a deal with the US to sell arms to Ukraine to get relief from debt and get a loan from the IMF. Pakistan did not take anyone’s side on the issue of war between Russia and Ukraine. In such a situation, Pakistan was ready to sell its weapons under American pressure.

This deal was made between Pakistan and America, according to the information received, according to the deal, Pakistan sold arms worth crores of rupees to Ukraine. Pakistan has received a loan of crores of rupees from IMF. Apart from this, crores of rupees have also been borrowed from China.

Now it has become difficult for Pakistan to return it. Amidst this situation, Pakistan has now started selling its weapons. For which a media report has revealed that Pakistan has made a deal with America. However, Pakistan rejected this claim. After it came to light that Pakistan had helped Ukraine under pressure from America, now relations between Russia and Pakistan may deteriorate.

China, which claims to be an ally of Pakistan, is currently supporting Russia in this war situation. In such a situation, there is a possibility that this report will affect the relations between Pakistan and China. However, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has said that the news of providing arms to Ukraine in exchange for taking loan from IMF is false. Earlier there were reports that the loan was given only after Pakistan agreed to supply arms to Ukraine. If Pakistan had not got this loan, it could have gone bankrupt.

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