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Pakistan Air Force conducted flight exercises in China, Egypt

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has conducted two large-scale flight exercises, one each in China and Egypt, and claimed it to be “an important milestone” in its journey towards emerging as a “formidable air force”. “Milestone”.

The participation includes PAF’s J-10C and JF-17 lead fighter aircraft, fighter pilots, air defense controllers and technical ground crew, who were actively engaged in the Shaheen-X bilateral air exercise conducted by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force in China Has happened. , as well as the Bright Star air exercise held in Egypt, the Duniya news channel website reported on Friday.

The annual bilateral China-Pakistan joint air force training exercise ‘Shaheen (Eagle) – X’ is being held in Jiuquan and Yinchuan in northwest China. The exercise, which began last week in August, will continue till mid-September.

ChinaMilitary.com said China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and PAF have been conducting the Shaheen joint exercise since 2011, which is being conducted by both countries on an alternating basis.

Quoting a PAF statement, the Dunya News report further said, “The participation of these fighter aircraft in exercise Shaheen-X marks an important milestone in the PAF’s journey towards a technologically advanced and formidable air force.” Is.”

It said exercise Shaheen-X in China and Exercise Bright Star Air in Egypt provide invaluable opportunities for the PAF to enhance its operational experience and exchange knowledge with respected counterparts around the world.

Meanwhile, the annual ‘Bright Start’ exercise for 2023 concluded at the Mohamed Naguib military base in Hammam city of Egypt.

The joint Egypt-US military exercise Bright Star 2023 is being attended by 800 combatants from 19 countries, the Egyptian Armed Forces announced at the beginning of the month.

Pakistan was among the countries that took part in the exercises which took place off Egypt’s northern coast and at other naval bases and air bases across Egypt.

Others included India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, UAE, Oman, Jordan, UK, Greece and Cyprus.

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