Water should be drunk more in summer, because it does not cause dehydration and all organs work smoothly, but frequent thirst is not considered a good sign, it can be a sign of serious illness.

New Delhi: India is currently in the summer season and during this time the body dehydrates quickly, due to which we feel thirsty, but even after drinking water at regular intervals, if you are feeling thirsty again and again, then it is a serious disease. It may be a sign of, ignoring it is equivalent to harming oneself.

Feeling excessively thirsty?

Doctors recommend a diabetes test on Excess Thirst because it is a common symptom of diabetes, but if your blood sugar level is under control then it may be bowel cancer. It is possible that if it is not treated on time, then there is a risk of life.

Recognize bowel cancer

Colon cancer gradually damages the body and its symptoms are not visible too early, but the danger can be avoided by recognizing its warning sign. If some strange symptoms start appearing in your body, then contact the doctor immediately.

bowel cancer symptoms

– frequent thirst
Abdominal pain and bloating (flatulence)
– body discomfort
– blood in stool
– to be constipated
– a lump near the rectum
– passing urine frequently
– blood in urine

Major cause of colon cancer

Eating red and processed meats
Taking a low fiber diet
-genetic reasons
– effect of aging
-alcohol abuse

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