Friday , June 14 2024

Original songs should remain original, I don't like remixes of songs: Rajesh

Actor-singer Rajesh Jais and actress-singer Rupsha Mukherjee are currently in the news for their latest video song. Recently his song O Sawar was released. Rajesh Jais and Roopsha talked about the album O Sawar and told how this song was made. He said- He is not a professional singer. He just loved singing. Talking about the story behind the song, he said that Rajesh and Roopsha had gone to USA for the play Mughal-e-Azam. Meanwhile, Rajesh wrote a poem. He recited the poem he had written among the people present there. Rupsha liked both his voice and poetry. After returning from there, Rupsha immediately composed a song based on the poem written by him. When Rupsha also called Rajesh to sing, he could not believe that this was the same song that he had written. Rajesh recorded the song professionally in the studio for the first time.

Rupsha helped him completely. Let us tell you that Rupsha Mukherjee is also a music composer. Rajesh said that he was scared before working in the video song. What will be their reaction when both their children have grown up? Thinking this he was worried. When he showed his son the song he had written for the first time, his son's reaction was not very good. But when he played the final song to his children, their reaction was very different. The children praised their father's work a lot. After the launch of the song, a big hoarding of his was also put up. He took his family to see the hoardings. He said that even after acting for so many years, he had never seen such a big hoarding. The amount of popularity a song gets. It became an emotional moment for Rajesh and his family. Regarding remix songs, Rajesh said, I do not like remixes of old songs. They cannot participate in remix songs. He believes that original songs should remain original. Whereas Rupsha says that she likes many remix songs. Soon both will be seen together in a new project.