Thursday , April 18 2024

One killed, 11 injured in explosion in house due to gas leak in Virginia

One person has died and several have been injured in a massive explosion in a house in Virginia, USA. The incident occurred on Friday night in Sterling, Virginia. It is said that a fireman was killed and 11 others were injured in an explosion in a house, possibly caused by a gas leak. The officers provided this information.

Fire brigade officials said that information about gas leakage was received on Silver Ridge Drive at 7 pm, after which all the employees reached the spot. About half an hour later there was a massive explosion. A fire broke out after this explosion. While the employee was inside the house. As soon as we went inside the house, there was a huge explosion within a few minutes. Where an employee died.

The explosion took place in the presence of fire brigade personnel

The official said that the explosion occurred when fire brigade personnel were present. Information about fire was received. Later fire brigade personnel reached the spot. Where he was handling the work of extinguishing the fire. But accidentally there was a huge explosion and an employee died on the spot. Other seriously injured people were taken to hospital. Where the condition of some employees is said to be critical. The officer said that the investigation into the fire is still going on.