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On June 17, the Sunnahs of Ibrahim Alaihi should be remembered

Bhagalpur, June 16 (HS). Syed Shah Fakhre Alam Hasan, the 15th Sajjadanasheen of the country's famous Khanqah-e-Peer Shah, said that the festival of sacrifice and renunciation, Bakrid, will be celebrated with great joy across the country on June 17 and the Sunnahs of Syedna Ibrahim Alaihi Salah will be remembered by sacrificing animals in the name of God.

The festival of Bakrid gives a message of great glory and well-being of people. Sajjada Nashin said that Muslims should wake up early in the morning on the day of Bakrid and offer Fajr prayers in the mosques of their locality. Before going to Eidgah or mosque, take a bath, wear good clothes, apply perfume and keep the heart and tongue pure and clean along with the purity of the body.

He said that while going for Eid-ul-Azha prayers, one should keep reciting the praises of Allah and His greatness and on returning home, one should sacrifice animals and remember the Sunnahs of Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihi Salah.

Shah Hasan said in his message that special care should be taken to ensure that the followers of other religions do not face any kind of trouble on the occasion of the festival because the festival of Bakrid gives the message of brotherhood and unity. The guidelines given by the Municipal Corporation administration on the occasion of the festival should be followed in all circumstances. The remains of the sacrifice should not be thrown here and there but should be dumped only at the designated places. Sajjadanashin Shah Hasan has congratulated the people of the country on the eve of Bakrid.

In his message, he said that the festival of renunciation and sacrifice should be celebrated peacefully and with simplicity and the message of love should be spread to others.