Tuesday , July 23 2024

Number of jobs increased in the country, more than 15 lakhs joined EPFO, women increased

The number of jobs in the country is increasing rapidly. The Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPF) has published a report on Wednesday. The statistics are encouraging. According to the data of the report, 15.62 lakh members joined EPF in December-2023. Which is the highest figure in the last three months. According to the statement of the Labor Ministry, there was an increase of 11.97 percent in the net members in December-2023 as compared to the previous month.

Scheme funding body EPFO ​​has recorded a net increase of 15.62 lakh members in December 2023. According to the payroll data, the statement issued on Tuesday said the growth of net members in December 2023 increased by 11.97 per cent compared to the previous month. According to preliminary payroll data from the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, the net addition of 15.62 lakh members in December 2023 is 4.62 per cent higher than in December 2022 last year.

The reason for adding these members varies. Such as increase in employment opportunities, increase in awareness about employee benefits and initiation of outreach programs of EPFO ​​have been identified. Data shows that around 8.41 lakh new members joined in December-2023. Which is an increase of 14.21 percent compared to last month November-2023.

Most of the youth are becoming members of EPF

To throw light on the figures, youth aged between 18 to 25 years constitute 57.18 per cent of EPF members. This data shows an important trend. Most of those entering the organized labor market are youth.

Adding new members every month

According to the report, the number of new members is increasing every month. This is the first job for most people. Of the new 8.41 lakh inducted members, about 2.09 lakh are women. Who has joined EPF for the first time. A total of 2.90 lakh women became EPF members in December-2023.