Friday , April 19 2024

NUJ (India) Appointment of election officials for the state elections of Uttarakhand

Haridwar, 17 February (HS). A meeting of the State Executive of National Union of Journalists (India) Uttarakhand was held in a hotel located in central Haridwar. The meeting was presided over by State President Sanjay Talwar and Operations General Secretary Sushil Kumar Tyagi.

There was an in-depth discussion on the issues of journalists in the meeting. It was unanimously decided in the meeting that before the Lok Sabha elections, a delegation of NUJ (India) will meet the Chief Minister of the state Pushkar Singh Dhami and demand the problems of journalists, Journalist Protection Act, Media Counseling etc. At the same time, a memorandum will also be submitted to the political parties contesting the Lok Sabha elections regarding the problems of journalists. In the memorandum, the political parties contesting the elections will be demanded to include the problems of journalists in their manifesto.

In the meeting, NUJ (India) National President Rash Bihari announced the appointment of Haridwar journalist Ramchandra Kannaujiya and Dehradun journalists Brahmadutt Sharma and Radhika Nagrath as special invitees of the National Executive. This was welcomed by the journalists present in the meeting. In this, holding of biennial elections of Uttarakhand state was discussed in depth and election officers were also announced. Election officers Virendra Bhardwaj, Bhagwan Singh Gangola and Jaipal Singh have been made. Election officials will soon conduct the elections of Uttarakhand state as per the constitution.

National President as observer for state elections-

Rash Vihari has nominated National General Secretary Pradeep Tiwari. The Executive unanimously handed over the responsibility of election and formation of the new Executive to the National General Secretary.

The journalists present in the meeting unanimously supported it. In the state executive meeting, Mukesh Verma and senior cinematographer Shivang Aggarwal were garlanded by National President Rash Vihari and included in NUJ (India).

In the meeting, National President Ras Vihari, General Secretary Pradeep Tiwari, Chief Patron Brahmadutt Sharma, Ramchandra Kannaujiya, Sunil Dutt Pandey, Virendra Bhardwaj, Kashiram Saini, M Hasnet, Dinesh Joshi, Bageshwar District President Govind Mehta, Nainital District President Dr. Naveen Joshi, Haridwar District President order. Tyagi, District General Secretary Dr. Shiva Aggarwal, Praveen Chopra, Sunil Pal, Amit Sharma etc. journalists were present.