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Now songs will be auto downloaded on YouTube Music, facility to make podcast will be available

New Delhi : Google’s video platform YouTube has added several new features to its music platform YouTube Music. This new feature will have the facility of downloading offline music to making podcasts in YouTube Studio. These new features have not yet come for Apple i.e. iOS users. Let’s know about this new special feature.

YouTube Music has a new update

Google-owned YouTube has rolled out a new update to its Music app that lets users automatically download recently played songs on Android. As 9to5Google reports, a “Recently Played Songs” option will appear in Downloads and Storage for users with premium subscription songs.

The new update allows users to download up to 200 recently played songs. Users can check this new feature in their device. Additionally, this is in addition to the existing “Smart Download” feature that allows up to 500 songs.

it would be possible to create a podcast

The recently played songs setting for YouTube Music on iOS has yet to be announced. The report states that the tech giant has confirmed the addition of Live, Cover and Remix labels under More Showcase in the Now Playing and respective tabs of search results. YouTube has announced that US creators can now create podcasts in YouTube Studio. Additionally, the company has also announced that it will be adding podcasts to the Music app very soon.

Also take a look at the YouTube Music Radio feature

Most music streaming apps today come with a ‘radio’ feature. It consists of a radio channel instead of a playlist. In a playlist, the user selects a set of songs of his choice. Suggests more songs to the user based on the last played artist, album or song. It lets users search for similar songs and discover new artists and albums.

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