Tuesday , July 23 2024

No…the passenger first broke the toilet of the plane and beat the woman, video goes viral

On the flight from Bangkok to Heathrow, a passenger created a ruckus and said don't ask. A young man traveling in a Thai Airways flight broke the nose of a flight attendant by vandalizing the toilet. All this happened when the plane was flying high in the sky, which scared the other passengers. The video of this incident is going viral on social media. This video is from 7th February. A 35-year-old passenger slapped the woman so hard that she fell straight down in the plane.

Efforts are being made to stop the passengers on the plane

After this incident, other passengers present in the plane tried to stop the unruly passenger. A woman sitting on a nearby seat made a video of this incident and this video is going viral on social media. The woman said that she was in the toilet and suddenly started screaming. So he started trying to break the door. During this, an elderly person helped him to come out of the toilet. He was thrown out of the toilet and started fighting with the flight attendant. I thought he broke his nose.

The passenger was arrested after landing

.Amidst the incident, passengers were warned that if the person did not calm down, the plane would be diverted towards Dubai. However, the aircraft was able to continue its journey. The woman further said, 'Two passengers sat on either side of him and kept pulling him down. He was behaving very rudely. People were moving here and there in the plane. They were taking their children backwards.

After reaching London the person was handed over to the police. A 35-year-old man has been arrested on charges of causing bodily harm to a flight attendant and attempting to endanger the aircraft after it landed, police said. He further said that the accused youth is currently in custody. Another person has been taken to hospital for treatment.