North Korea: Kim Jong Responds to New Sanctions to America, Explained the Reason Two ‘Ballistic Missiles’ Fired from the Train

North Korea (North Korea) has once again conducted missile tests. He has fired two guided missiles from the train. This information was given by the state media on Saturday. Despite new US sanctions, dictator Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong UnThere is no turning back from the testing of weapons. This is the third consecutive such test in a month. South Korea’s military says it has fired two short-range ballistic missiles on Friday evening.Ballistic Missile) has been traced to launch. North Korea conducted the missile test hours after accusing the US of “provocation”.

Pyongyang’s state-run news agency KCNA said, “These tests have been done to test the efficiency of the railway regiment’s action procedures.” Earlier, North Korea had fired missiles from the train itself in September 2021 (Did North Korea Test a Missile Today). KCNA says, “Friday’s test shows the missile’s high speed and rate of hitting the target.” “Issues like setting up a complete operating system for missile firing in trains across the country have been discussed,” the report said.

How far did the missiles cover?

At the same time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Seoul (South Korea) has said that in Friday’s launch the missiles have covered a range of 430 kilometers (270 miles) at an altitude of 36 kilometers (Hypersonic Missile Test). Earlier on January 5 and January 11, North Korea had conducted two successful tests of a hypersonic missile. In response to these tests, the US this week imposed new sanctions on the country (North Korea Ballisitic Missile Test). US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said North Korea was “trying to get attention” by doing so.

long pending talks

Talks between the US and North Korea have also been pending for a long time. Apart from this, Kim Jong has also imposed strict restrictions within the country due to Corona virus (North Korea Nuclear and Missile Test). Due to which the economic condition of the country is very bad. A Foreign Ministry spokesman told state media that Kim Jong had said at the Korean party’s meeting last month that he would work to continuously develop the country’s defense capabilities. On the new sanctions imposed by America, North Korea also said that by doing so, the problem is being increased. He said that he is doing this test for his self-defense.