Friday , June 14 2024

No need to buy, make walnut scrub at home like this, the process is easy

Just washing the face is not enough to clean the skin. Because it does not remove dead cells from the skin. A special scrub is required to remove it. Although there are many types of scrubs available in the market, the benefits of homemade scrub made from walnuts are unmatched. Walnut is considered very beneficial for the skin, because Omega 3 is found in abundance in it. Omega 3 helps in making the skin glowing and soft. Along with this, the nutrients present in walnut scrub also work to detoxify the skin. Apart from this, walnuts also help in maintaining moisture in the skin, due to which the skin does not become dry.

You will need these things to make the scrub

  • 5-6 walnuts
  • personnel
  • Honey

Prepare scrub like this

Grind the walnuts until they become fine particles. Take care not to grind it too much, because its grains are necessary for the scrub. Do not make it powder. Now take one spoon of honey and mix crushed walnuts in it and make a paste. Then grind 1-2 Indian gooseberries, extract its juice and make a paste. – Now fill this mixture in a jar and keep it. You can use it for a month.

learn to use

Take a little scrub on your hand and scrub it in circular motion on the face. Rub it for at least 5 minutes and then leave the scrub on the face for 2 minutes. So that it can remove dirt from your skin properly. Then wash the face with warm water and dry it thoroughly with a towel.

What should you pay attention to?

  • If you are allergic to walnuts, honey or gooseberry then do not use this scrub.
  • Do not apply too much pressure while scrubbing, as this may cause the skin to become red.
  • After scrubbing, do not forget to apply moisturizer on the face.