Friday , June 14 2024

Nishikant Dubey and Deepika Pandey face to face in election field

Godda, 18th April (Hindustan Reporter). BJP has made Nishikant Dubey the candidate for Godda Lok Sabha seat in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. After a long wait, Congress announced its candidate from here and gave ticket to Mahagama MLA Deepika Pandey Singh. With this the political temperature of Godda Lok Sabha constituency has increased. Enthusiasm is being seen among the BJP workers including the Grand Alliance workers, on the other hand, opposition is being seen among the Congress workers of Podaiyahat area.

Earlier it was said by BJP leaders that the opposition is not getting any candidate from Godda against BJP MP Dr. Nishikant Dubey. No one wants to contest elections due to fear of defeat against Nishikant Dubey. This too has been put to rest. MP Nishikant Dubey's statement that he has a daughter and bread relationship with Mahagama. He considers it his home. He will not campaign here. Time will tell to what extent this statement of the MP is correct, but already people's eyes are fixed on his announcement.

Does he stick to his announcement or something else happens. It is certain that the elections here have become interesting with the entry of Mahagama MLA Deepika Pandey Singh into the fray. Especially in the Mahagama Assembly, where on one hand new zeal and enthusiasm is being seen among the Grand Alliance workers, on the other hand the activism of BJP workers has suddenly increased. Due to the delay in the announcement of the candidate's name by the Grand Alliance, the common people including the party workers were in a state of confusion. Now that the candidate has been announced, the electoral battle in Godda Lok Sabha constituency is expected to be interesting.