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Mysterious death of pigs reported in Saiden

Meghalaya: There has been a spate of deaths of pigs at a piggery in Saiden managed by the Nangku Chaphrang Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited. The incident, which occurred on September 11, has resulted in the death of about 10 pigs and has left the community worried.
The caretaker responsible for overseeing the welfare of the pigs noticed the first signs of trouble when the pigs showed signs of fever and loss of appetite. The situation deteriorated rapidly, leading to the untimely death of the pigs.
Upon noticing the concerning pattern of death of the pigs, the caretaker reported the matter to the veterinary department in Nongpoh. The department responded by sending a team of experts to conduct a post-mortem investigation with the aim of determining the cause of death and preventing further harm.
So far, no conclusive cause of death of the pigs has been determined. Post mortem examinations were conducted to identify any possible diseases or conditions, but the results are pending, leaving the exact cause of death unknown.

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