Tuesday , June 18 2024

'My wife does not make tea for me…', husband files for divorce | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

A unique case of divorce has come up in the Punjab Haryana High Court. The husband's argument was that his wife does not make tea. That is why he wants a divorce from her. The High Court also heard the wife's side of the story. Then it was decided that the husband was shocked.

What is this whole matter?

Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is surprising if there are no small fights between the husband and wife after marriage. But sometimes these disputes are resolved quickly and sometimes the dispute increases so much that it reaches the point of divorce. Many times small things lead to divorce.

A similar case has come to light from Chandigarh, Punjab. Here a husband wants a divorce from his wife. But his wife does not want to leave him. The reason for the quarrel is tea. When the matter reached the High Court, the husband's petition was rejected.

The husband says that whenever his relatives or friends come to his house, his wife does not welcome them. Forget about offering food, she does not even offer them tea. Because of this, his relations with his friends and relatives have deteriorated. No one comes to his house. First of all, the husband filed for divorce from his wife in the family court. But when the matter did not work out there, he went to the Punjab Haryana High Court.

Divorce petition cannot be accepted for such a small matter

The High Court said, we cannot accept a divorce petition for such a simple matter. The wife said that all the allegations made by her husband are false. On the contrary, the husband's attitude has changed for some time. He keeps quarreling over small matters. However, his wife does not want to leave him.

The husband had said in the petition that now he cannot live under the same roof with his wife. She does not respect her relatives and friends or her husband. She does not talk to anyone directly. Due to this he started living in depression. He does not feel like doing anything. The husband said that it is better for both of us to live separately. But these arguments of the husband had no effect on the High Court.

The High Court said, we cannot give this divorce for such a small matter. The husband was shocked to hear the court's decision. He held his head there. He wanted a divorce, but now he will have to live with his wife.

The Punjab Haryana High Court said that a minor dispute between husband and wife cannot be made the basis for divorce. According to the High Court, if the wife does not make tea for her husband's relatives or friends, it cannot be called cruelty. The bench said that such things are part of the fabric of marriage, for which the husband and wife should be prepared. The court rejected the husband's petition.