Friday , June 14 2024

Muslims have immense faith in this Hindu temple of Pakistan, queues start bowing their heads

New Delhi: Pakistan is a Muslim majority country, can you imagine that you would be going to a temple (Hinglaj Mata Temple) and Muslims would also be worshiping the mother (Hinglaj Mata). Today we are going to tell you about a temple in Pakistan (Hinglaj Mata Temple) where not only Hindus but also Muslims offer their heads.

Famous for mythology-
There is a temple in Balochistan, Pakistan called Hinglaj Mata Temple. This temple is known throughout Pakistan because of its mythology. It is said about the temple that when Lord Vishnu threw the discus to cut off the head of Mata Sati, the head along with the discus fell here. This temple is situated on the banks of Hingul River, 120 km from Balochistan.

Ghazni was plundered many times –
Chinese Buddhist monks who came 1500 years ago wrote a lot about this temple. Regarding this temple, Chinese Buddhist monks told that Mohammad Bin Qasim and Mohammad Ghazni looted this temple many times. Here every day devotees sing the praises of Mataji, some of these devotees are also Muslims. Located in Hinglaj area, this temple is also known as Hinglaj Bhavani Shaktipeeth.

One of the 51 Shaktipeeths-
Let us tell you that the place where the body parts of Mother Sati were cut by the Chakra of Lord Vishnu is called Shaktipeeth. Hinglaj Mata Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. Hinglaj Mata Temple is known as the first place of Mata.

That's why Muslims worship –
The most special thing about Hinglaj Mata temple is that along with Hindus, Muslims also come here to worship and bow their heads. Muslim people know this temple as 'Nani Ka Mandir'. It is said that Muslims, following some ancient tradition, have faith in this temple and come to see the Mother Goddess. People of Muslim community also consider this temple as a part of their pilgrimage. That is why they call it 'Nani's Hajj'.