Multibagger Penny Stock: Kaiser Corporation Limited is one of the promising Multibagger stocks for the financial year 2022-2023. Shares of Kaiser Corporation Limited (Kaiser Corporation Share Price) have gained just one year.

Multibagger penny stock: There is definitely risk in the stock market but the profit is also tremendous. Penny stocks carry the highest risk, but if a stock with strong fundamentals is found, then investors become rich in shock. Let us know today about one such penny stock which made investors millionaires within just one year.

Made 50 thousand in a year 1.11 crore

Today we are telling you about a stock that has made its investors millionaires in just one year. The name of this stock giving tremendous returns is – Kaiser Corporation Limited. It is one of the expected multibagger stocks for the financial year 2022-2023. Kaiser Corporation Share Price has given a return of more than 22,219 percent in just one year. Even now this stock is showing strength because this stock has given a return of more than 2,651 percent so far this year.

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Let’s know the price history of this stock

Kaiser Corporation Limited share history is excellent. On May 5, 2021, it was at 36 paise per share on BSE, while it is currently at Rs 80.35 (closing price of April 13, 2022 BSE). That is, it has given a strong return of 22,219.44% in this period. Now let’s talk about the last six months, this stock has increased from 44 paise (closing price on BSE on 18 October 2021) to Rs 80.35. During this time this stock gave a return of 18,161.36%.

still have guts

Now talking about this year, so far it has given a return of 2,651.71%. In the last one month too, this stock has performed brilliantly and has increased from Rs 33.70 (closing price of March 17, 2022 BSE) to Rs 80.35. That is, it has given a return of 138.43% in one month. Not only this, if you still want to bet in it, then you can do it because the stock has gone up 21.37% in the last five trading sessions.

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investors got rich

According to the history of the share price of Kaiser Corporation Limited, if someone had invested 50 thousand rupees in this stock a year ago at the rate of 36 paise, then today this amount would have been Rs 1.11 crore. At the same time, if someone had invested 50 thousand rupees in it 6 months ago, it would have become 91.30 lakh rupees. Even if an investor would have invested or would have invested 50 thousand rupees in this stock this year, then his amount would have become 13 lakh rupees today.

Know about this company

Now know about this company. The company was established in September 1993 in Mumbai, and on March 15, 1995, the company was recognized as a public limited company under the name Kaiser Press Limited. Subsequently, the name of the company was changed to ‘Kaiser Corporation Limited’ on 5 November 2013. This company deals in labels, stationery articles, magazines and cartons. Apart from this, it also deals in engineering goods, electric and mechanical heat tracing and turnkey projects.

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