Thursday , April 18 2024

Mughal emperors used to take this medicine to increase masculine strength, then screamed all night long

Mughal Dark Secrets: The Mughal rulers ruled India for many centuries. Many books have been written about the Mughal period and history lovers are always curious to know more about this era. He keeps a collection of old books with him to know the untold stories of the Mughals.

There are many compilations on this subject, which contain many interesting stories about the delicious food of the Mughal rulers. Portuguese merchant Manrique has also written a book on the Mughal rule, in which he has said that Shah Jahan carried forward the tradition of his ancestors and he also used to eat food in the harem with his begums and concubines.

Kinnars served food to the Mughal rulers and their close associates. It was already decided which dishes would be made. Before preparing the food, the royal hakim used to decide that the dishes should be prepared according to the health of the royal person.

Dutch businessman Francisco Pelsaart has also written about the food habits of the Mughals in his book 'Jahangir India'. At the same time, Manrique has also described the food and drink of the Mughals in his book 'Travels of Free Sebastian Manrique'.

He has written in his book that Mughal royal dishes were fixed daily and Hakim Shahi used to include special things and medicines in the food.