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More grass, bigger boundaries… ICC made these changes for the World Cup

ICC has prepared protocols to reduce the impact of fog in the ODI World Cup. The International Cricket Council has given a big suggestion to reduce the effect of the toss. A big update has also come out regarding the boundary size of the stadium.
Dew will play a big role in the upcoming ODI World Cup to be held in India. Keeping this in mind, the ICC has drawn up a ‘protocol’ for curators to ensure that the impact of the toss is minimized in smaller tournaments. Dense fog is expected during October-November at most places. The T20 World Cup held in UAE in 2021 also had a huge impact and the team batting second got a lot of benefit.
Decision taken in view of fog
Indian conditions are generally more conducive to spin. But the ICC has asked curators to leave as much grass as possible on the pitches to ensure that fast bowlers remain in the game. This means that the team wants to keep more fast bowlers in the playing eleven.
Trying to keep the toss out of the equation
According to the information, ‘This time there is a possibility of heavy fog in the northern, western and eastern states of India. There is a possibility of light rain in the matches to be held in Chennai and Bengaluru. The main idea is to keep the toss out of the equation. Dew has the biggest impact on the performance of spinners. Due to more grass, teams will not have to depend too much on spinners. This will also help in achieving the correct surface. Interesting ODI matches do not require very high scores.
To maintain the balance between bat and ball, it has been suggested that the size of the boundaries of stadiums should be as large as possible. According to the information, it has been asked to maintain the limit of 70 meters. Sources said, ‘The minimum boundary size for international matches is 65 meters and maximum 85 meters. The range of the old centers is about 70-75 meters. ‘It has been suggested that the limits should be kept above 70 metres.’
However, the Indian team would like to play on turning pitches against Australia and England. The match against Australia in Chennai on October 8 is unlikely to be affected by fog, but the match against England in Lucknow on October 29 will be a challenge for the curators.

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