Friday , June 14 2024

Market capitalization of Tata Group is more than Pakistan's GDP

The poor condition of our neighboring country Pakistan is not hidden from anyone, but readers may not know that the leading business conglomerate Tata Group has single-handedly left the entire economy of Pakistan behind. According to a report, the market capitalization of Tata Group has reached 365 billion dollars i.e. Rs 30.30 lakh crore. According to the IMF report, Pakistan's GDP (gross domestic production) is only 341 billion dollars i.e. Tata Group is alone in Pakistan. Bigger than the economy. Tata Group owns many companies doing business in sectors ranging from gold to software. The valuation of Tata Consultancy Services alone is Rs 15 lakh crore i.e. 170 billion dollars. This company is the second largest company in India. In other words, TCS alone is half the size of Pakistan's economy.

Performance of listed companies of Tata group

It is noteworthy that different listed companies have played an important role in the market value of Tata Group. Tata Motors and Trent have given excellent returns in the last one year. Similar gains were seen in Titan, TCS and Tata Power. Eight Tata group companies, including recently listed Tata Technology, have doubled their value in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, Tata Chemicals has been the only company whose valuation has fallen.

Unlisted companies could add $170 billion to group value

However, it should be noted that not all Tata Group companies are listed. Companies like Tata Sons, Tata Capital, Tata Play, Tata Advanced Systems and the airline business (Air India and Vistara) are not listed on the stock market, but if their estimated market value is taken into account, the total value of the Tata Group would be $160- may increase to 170 billion

India's economy is 11 times bigger than Pakistan's economy.

Pakistan's economy is 11 times smaller than India's. At present the country's GDP is around 3.7 billion dollars. It is believed that by 2028, India will become the third largest economy in the world, surpassing Japan and Germany. Currently India is the fifth largest economy.

Poor Pakistan is buried under a mountain of debt.

On the other hand, Pakistan, which has been ruined on every front, is currently struggling with the burden of heavy debt. The total burden of energy and other debt on Pakistan is $125 billion. At present it has foreign exchange reserves of about eight billion dollars. Cutting. This year, 50 percent of the revenue that the government will receive will be spent in paying interest on huge loans.

Cutting. heading towards an inevitable default

A report by Islamabad-based think tank Tabadlab paints a grim picture of Pakistan's financial health, saying Pakistan's situation is much worse than reported by the IMF. With debt levels reaching worrying highs, Pakistan faces serious prospects of inevitable default. Concerns about debt sustainability rise amid economic pessimism among voters, as recent Gallup polls and a controversial poll show