Thursday , April 18 2024

Maneka Gandhi gifts Dhopap brand of self-reliant women to Rajnath Singh

Sultanpur, 16 February (HS). Former Union Minister and MP Maneka Sanjay Gandhi on Friday met Defense Minister of the Government of India Rajnath Singh at his official residence 17 Akbar Road, New Delhi. During this, Mrs. Gandhi presented a basket of dozens of products including soap, incense sticks, incense sticks, multigrain flour etc. prepared by the women of the group in the name of Dhopap brand, a mythological religious place under her parliamentary constituency Sultanpur, to the Defense Minister.

MP media in-charge Vijay Singh Raghuvanshi informed that Mrs. Gandhi informed Defense Minister Rajnath Singh during the talks that due to the efforts of the women of self-help groups formed under the ambitious scheme NRLM of the Government of India, dozens of products like Dhoopap, incense sticks, etc. have been launched. Incense sticks, worship materials, soap, mehndi, multigrain flour, hand wash etc. are being prepared. Through these products, poor women of the village are being made self-reliant. The MP informed the Defense Minister that 15386 women's groups have been formed in his parliamentary constituency, in which 157437 women are members. MP Mrs. Gandhi told the Defense Minister that by training women in service sector based livelihood, 897 women have been given BC Sakhi. 955 Vidyut Sakhi, 121 Bank Sakhi, 1164 Group Sakhi and 700 women are becoming financially strong and self-reliant by working in livelihood groups.