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Man must search for true happiness

We are all in search of happiness and peace. No one wants to be sad in this world. People try to achieve happiness in many ways. Some people search it in wealth and property and some search it in name and fame. Some people find happiness in worldly relationships. Many people find it in entertainment such as watching movies, listening to music, attending cultural exhibitions, and watching TV. Many people participate in sports or enjoy watching them. Many people continue to find happiness in drugs, alcohol and drugs.

If we analyze all these actions we will see that these pleasures do not give us as much pleasure as we expect from them. We get momentary happiness from these things or actions, but we do not get eternal happiness because we suffer unbearable pain due to loss of money or separation in relationships. If our car breaks down, we start cursing our luck.

If our house gets destroyed in a fire we feel that we have lost everything in life. If we are millionaires and suddenly go bankrupt, we become so depressed that thoughts of suicide start coming to our mind. If we become ill and are unable to do our daily activities we become depressed. We feel sad when we lose our jobs.

If one of our loved ones leaves this world, we are immersed in deep sorrow. There comes a time in life when we see that worldly happiness is only momentary and an illusion because everything in the world is perishable. Ultimately we too will have to face death and whatever we add will be destroyed one day.

This is the rule of the world. We should know what is true happiness? For ages, saints and gurus have been telling us that true happiness exists, but it is not found in anything in the external world. It can only be achieved from within.

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