Wednesday , July 24 2024

Mamta Banerjee was scared before the elections, said – Whatever I say, I will get ED installed there

The politics of West Bengal has heated up before the Lok Sabha elections-2024. The major state of eastern India is once again in the national headlines. The reason for this is the attitude of the leaders of the ruling Trinamool Congress in Sandeshkhali and the resistance shown by the local people. Amidst the violence and controversy, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has given a big statement. He said that he has no right to say anything. If she says anything, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) team will reach her house. Apart from this, he has also expressed his opinion on secularism and Indian federalism.

The Constitution is implemented by the agency itself

In an event, Mamata said that the balance between fundamental rights and the sovereignty of the country should not be compromised. If the Constitution is to be implemented only by agency then we cannot accept it. The Chief Minister alleged that federalism has been completely destroyed in the country.

States are not getting their share of GST

Mamta also alleged that many states are not getting their share of GST. “If someone says secularism is bad, equality is unimaginable, democracy is dangerous and the federal structure is a disaster, we cannot accept it,” the chief minister said. He said that if anyone says that the Constitution needs to be changed, it is wrong. ideology or anyone. The attitude is to please.

India is moving towards presidential elections: Mamata

The CM further questioned whether India is moving towards presidential elections. Banerjee said that the spirit of the Constitution is its preamble. The Chief Minister said that the Constitution of the country has been written very diligently keeping in mind democracy, federalism and secularism.

Mamata said that the good balance between fundamental rights and the sovereignty of the country should not be compromised.

took a jibe at ED

While attending an event, Mamata Banerjee said, 'If the Constitution will be run only by agencies, we cannot accept it.' Describing the Constitution as belonging to the public, CM Mamata further said, 'I have no right to speak. If I say it strictly then ED (Enforcement Directorate) will come to my house tomorrow.