Thursday , April 18 2024

Make your weekend special with Gujarati thepla, this is the easy way

necessary ingredients:

– Three bowls of wheat flour

– Six spoons of gram flour

– Three spoons of green coriander

– One spoon cumin powder

– one spoon asafoetida

– one and a half teaspoon ginger

– Six spoons of roasted sesame seeds

– Six spoons of coarsely ground coriander

– One and a half bowl fenugreek

– Three spoons of green chilli

– one spoon sugar

– six spoons of oil

– Salt as per taste



You can prepare it like this:

– First of all, put wheat flour in a mixing bowl and mix all the remaining ingredients in it.

Now knead it with the help of water.

After half an hour, make parathas from this dough.

– Now heat the pan and fry them well.

Thus Gujarat became Thepla.