Thursday , April 18 2024

Make halwa at home like this, it will not break but will become a restaurant-like mess

The South Indian food Dhonsa is now being made in almost every Indian household. How tasty it will be is decided by its batter. The batter can also be made well at home. Dhonsa is also good for health, hence it is especially used in breakfast. If you want to make perfect Dhonsa like the market then you will have to make perfect batter. You know exactly the right way.

Know the perfect tips for making halwa

perfect balance

If you are making kheer for dhosa, then you should keep in mind that the quantity of ingredients used in making it should be balanced, because if the measurement is not correct, your dish may get spoiled. To make a smooth batter, take 4 cups of rice and 1 cup of urad dal. You can increase or decrease this measurement depending on the number of eaters.

take a big pot

If you are making kheer for dhaunsa, then take a big vessel to soak rice and dal. If the pot is small then it will dry up quickly due to less water. If you have to make halwa for more people then your difficulty may increase. Keep in mind that soak the pulses and rice in a big vessel so that they can get soaked easily. ,

proper pudding

If you want to make perfect dhonsa for guests, then take special care that the batter should not be too thin or too thick. In both the situations your image may get tarnished. Keep the Dhonsa Kheer balanced so that it does not spread all the time and is also easy to make.

keep track of time

If you want to make market-like dhosa at home, then it is important that you allow the cucumber to ferment. For this, you need 10-12 hours in cold season and 6-8 hours in summer season to prepare halwa.


When your halwa is ready, to make crispy dhaunsa, heat a pan, sprinkle some cold water on it and apply oil in it. By doing this, the dhonos will not stick to the pan while cooking and will become crispy.