Tuesday , June 18 2024

Make Banarasi Halwa on weekend, your heart will be happy after tasting it.

necessary ingredients:

Desi ghee – one cup

Mawa – one and a half cup

Milk – six cups

Pumpkin – four cups

Sugar – one and a half cup

Almonds – thirty

Cashews – thirty

Cardamom powder – one teaspoon



You can prepare it like this:

– First of all prepare a paste by grinding the pumpkin in a mixer.

– Now heat milk in a pan and add prepared pumpkin paste in it.

When it becomes thick, turn off the gas.

– Now heat ghee in another pan and fry dry fruits in it and take them out in a plate.

– Now fry the mawa in the remaining ghee and add the thick milk-pumpkin mixture to it and mix.

Finally add dry fruits and cardamom powder to it.

In this way your Banarasi Halwa is prepared.