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Mahabharata on the issue of fees in the film industry, producers took up arms against the stars, who takes how much money?

Burden of increasing fees of stars on makers: At this time, the issue of 'increasing fees of successful stars' has become the center of discussion in Bollywood. For some time now, many Bollywood celebrities have been claiming that a lot of money has to be spent in making films and this money is not spent on the film but on the team that comes with the stars.

Many famous film personalities have claimed that nowadays film stars carry a big team with them, whose expenses are paid for by the film producer from his own pocket. The money which should be spent on better quality of the film is now spent on the team of stars. Against which the industry has now started raising its voice. Let's see what the filmmakers say about this.

Farah Khan

Farah Khan: The team an actor brings with him costs a lot to the producer

Farah Khan, who started her career as a choreographer, is a well-known personality of Bollywood. She also made her debut in film direction with the film 'Main Hoon Na'. After this, she made many films. Regarding this, Farah Khan says, I want to bring change in the industry because the cost of stars and their team has increased a lot. A team of nine people comes with an actress. At the same time, an actor also brings a team of eight people with him. This is a waste of money. This money has not been used anywhere in the film. It is very important to have some control over this. The heavy burden of which falls on the producers.

anurag kashyap

Anurag Kashyap: There is a lot of extravagance in Bollywood

Anurag Kashyap, the famous director of Hindi cinema, is known for his unique style of films. On this matter, he says, 'There is a lot of extravagance in Bollywood. Films have become expensive due to the increasing demand for stars. People need to understand one thing that when we make a film, we are giving something. It is not a picnic. A lot of money is not spent on making a film but on useless things. You are shooting in the middle of the jungle, so a car will be specially sent to a city three hours away, so that the stars can get a five-star burger as per their wish.'

karan johar

Karan Johar: Movies of stars who charge huge fees do not earn much at the box office

Karan Johar, one of the most successful producers in the industry, recently admitted that, 'Film production has become very expensive these days. The cost of star-based teams is also an important reason for this. However, he cites the biggest reason for this as the fees of the stars. He said, there are many stars who demand crores of rupees for their films, but their films earn very little at the box office.

kriti sanon

Kriti Sanon: It is the responsibility of all actors to pay attention to the expenses incurred on the set

Kriti Sanon is a well-known actress of Hindi cinema. She is currently in the best phase of her career. She also spoke about filmmaking becoming increasingly expensive due to unnecessary spending on star teams. Talking about the importance of the content of the film, Kriti said that there are some areas during the production of a film where a lot of unnecessary expenditure is incurred. However, in the end, the content of the film matters the most. If you do not focus on the main thing like content then I do not think other things are important. It is the responsibility of all the actors to take care of the expenses incurred on the set.

Paying the stars' fees empties the producers' pockets

Bollywood stars charge crores of rupees for their films. Paying their fees empties the pockets of the producers. Like Bollywood, the charm of South stars is also no less. These stars also charge crores of rupees for one of their films. The craze of people towards South films is also increasing day by day. In such a situation, the fees of the stars are also increasing continuously.


Rajinikanth: Charges Rs 150 crore for a film

The name of South's veteran actor Rajinikanth is first in this list. Rajinikanth is worshipped like a god in the South. He has millions of fans in the South as well as the Hindi belt. According to a media report, the actor charges around Rs 150 crore for one of his films.

Kamala hasan

Kamal Haasan: Charges 100 to 150 crores for a film

The second name comes from South superstar Kamal Haasan. Kamal Haasan has a huge fan following in South as well as Hindi. He charges Rs 100 to 150 crores for one of his films.

vijay thalapathy

Vijay Thalapathy: Charges up to Rs 130 crore

Vijay Thalapathy's name is at number three among the South's big stars. Vijay's films are very much liked by the audience. According to media reports, the actor charges around Rs 130 crore for a film.

Allu Arjun: Charges Rs 100 to 125 crores

Actor Allu Arjun's name comes at number four in this list. The actor lives a very luxurious life. His fee for one film is Rs 100 to 125 crores.


Prabhas: Charges 100 crore rupees as fee

South superstar Prabhas has earned a good name in the last few years. These days the actor is in the news for Kalki 2898 AD. The film is earning a lot at the box office. According to a media report, Prabhas charges around Rs 100 crore for a film.

Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood stars charge Rs 150 to 250 crores for a film

Talking about the fees charged by stars for a film, South Indian stars charge a hefty fee, while in Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan charges 150 crores to 250 crores, Aamir Khan 100 crores to 275 crores, Salman Khan 100 crores to 150 crores, Akshay Kumar 60 crores to 145 crores. Shahrukh Khan is the only star in the film industry whose net worth is estimated to be Rs 700 crores. Salman Khan is at number two whose net worth is estimated to be ₹2900 crores while Akshay Kumar is at number three whose net worth is estimated to be ₹2500 crores.