Saturday , April 13 2024

Loot of Rs 2.31 crore from bank manager along with 3 policemen, 1 policeman missing

Mumbai: A bank manager from Vashi, along with three policemen, defrauded money on the pretext of giving land. A fraud of Rs 2.31 crore was committed. After this incident, a policeman Sundersingh Shitalsingh Thakur, who had failed without any land or money, went missing after writing a note that he was ending his life.

In this regard, a missing complaint of Thakur has been registered at Kalamboli Police Station and further investigation is being done.

According to details received in this regard, Ramakant Parida, manager of a bank in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, had cheated three policemen, one of whom was the missing policeman Thakur. Thakur works at Uran police station and Thakur and two others were introduced to Parida four years ago. Parida lured these three by getting them good land in Khalapur and asked them to deposit the money with her. Thakur got influenced by Parida, he gave Rs 1.08 crore, the second policeman gave Rs 85 lakh and the third policeman gave Rs 48 lakh to Parida. After taking this amount, Parida did not give the land or NATO returned the original amount.

Since Thakur had obtained a large amount of money to give to Parida through a bank loan, he constantly demanded money from Parida. Finally fed up, Thakur lodged a written complaint against Parida at the Nerul police station. However, when there was no solution to the issue, Thakur became depressed and stopped going to work. On Tuesday morning he told his family that he was going back to work and left the house. Then Thakur's wife called Uran police station and inquired about Thakur and was told that he had not come to work.

This worried Thakur's wife and she searched the house and found a four-page note written by Thakur in which he said he was going to end his life because Parida had defrauded him of a large amount of money. As soon as she received this note, Thakur's wife reached Kalamboli police station and lodged a complaint about Thakur's disappearance. Kalamboli police is investigating further in this matter.